Does mensitaly and mensusa has the same mission statements?

I suspect that they belong to the same idea, I still looking for their error over the years but guess I can’t find. Their suits was made cheaper to be afford by most stylish man. Their product was made for almost all occasions. They have the best customer service; they had good and proven delivery records,

Now these is the question do they belong to the same manufacturing company?

This is a copy of mission statement taken from "We believe our customers deserve and expect the very best when it comes to their clothing choices. Flexibility is the key to good business relations Because of our long standing relationships with some of the clothing industry's top suit and clothing manufacturers, we are able to offer our selections a exceptional values. We will provide our customers with the most efficient shopping environment by presenting the most comprehensive line of tuxedos and formal accessories worldwide while continually improving our levels of customer service through training, total quality management, and advances in technology."
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How good is mensusa compare to megasuits?
Ok I had done this for my job as critics, I do hope I really help you guys when and where to buy your perspective suits. Let me ask you a question? What will you preferred the long existing brands of suits or just a new and not proven novice stall?
Hey guys take a look about this.

  • Is celebrating 25 years of their quality service
  • Had 5 star store rating –
  • Bizrate Customer Certified
  • 50% off sale every month in a surprising day
  • Had good customer reputation
  • Had best employee who will serve you e.g customer representative
  • Best selected manufacturing place to mass produce
  • Proven delivery tracks.
  • Most visit site in the year 2010 for keyword suits and other related keywords

  • Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen tries again with patent megasuit (see below)
  • Bad customer service. (
  • Not proven delivery tracks.
  • Bad delivery records
Now here is Google's Highly recommended site:
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What would you choose mensitaly or megasuits?
Almost people wear suits for their special occasions. Whether it be just a friends party, wedding, reunion, funeral, or their job interview, looking good in a suits had been my problem these previous day.

Well like any other criticoo I do the research and pop I got the 2 best competing branded company. And here is the thing you can choose between mensitaly or megasuits.

  • Past item delivery
  • Quality tailored
  • Cheap and very affordable
  • So many best design to choose
  • Satisfaction guarantee for parties and other event.

  • Expensive design
  • Very common designs
  • Wrong items sents
  • Delivery not good for rush event
Uppon reviewing these two site I had also found other sites I highly recommend to look also for:


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